When I started in the wedding business over 20 years ago, it appeared that all the brides wanted to plan a large and lavish local wedding. From my perspective, it seemed like their goal was to become the best and most popular wedding among their friends and family. So when destination weddings started becoming popular later on, I realized that the goal of the wedding couple shifted to minimizing stress and costs. The attitude of the couple was more along the lines of “this is where we are having our wedding and you are welcome to join us, if you’d like.”

Destination weddings are growing more popular and wedding couples are fine-tuning their decision-making process. Some couples want a private, intimate wedding just between them and their inner circle while others are looking to channel their “I just want to be me” side through themes, hobbies and interests. Other couples choose the location because it reflects who they are and what they value. It may be a breathtaking rainforest in Costa Rica or a gorgeous vineyard in Tuscany.

But I do see one common theme: couples are choosing to do exactly what they want to do for their big day. And rightfuly so, because it’s your special day to celebrate their love! I applaud you for making this choice. Congratulations!

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When you’re planning your destination wedding, you should consider Sandals & Beaches resorts. Why’s that, you ask?

Sandals & Beaches Resorts

Sandals & Beaches Resorts have always reflected a superior level of attentiveness and service for me. I’ve visited all their locations, some more than once. This is because they are always upgrading and renovating and I want to share these new enhancements with you.

Sandals and Beaches have 20 Resorts on 8 Caribbean Islands that are all Luxury Inclusive and each resort has a different personality.  When clients ask me, “which one is your favorite?” I always must answer, “I don’t have a favorite because my needs vary depending on my mood”.  But I will say, there is a resort for everyone and every need.  

Each week, I’m going to highlight a Sandals or Beaches Resort for you so that you can get to know them more intimately.



Central Florida Destination Weddings

Are you looking to host a destination wedding, but prefer not to go out of the country? There is no need to travel to the Caribbean, because Central Florida also offers you year-round warm weather, beaches, palm trees, reasonable flights and beautiful resorts. I will introduce you to Central Florida resort/hotels that host magnificent destination weddings.