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1 -True
It is said that the Duck Fart originated in a bar in Alaska on a slow night when the bartender and an older woman were testing recipes. The woman had been testing the drink and had became gassy, which was quite noisy. She then came up with the name “Duck Fart”.
2 - False
The Hawaiian Islands are of volcanic origin. They were created by a so-called hot spot on the ocean floor about 70 million years ago. The oldest Hawaiian island is Kure Atoll and the youngest one is the Big Island of Hawaii, which rose to the surface about one million years ago. 
3 - True
The Thai capital of Bangkok which the locals refer to as Krungthep or 'City of Angels'. The full, long name is:

Krungthepmahanakhon Amonrattanakosin Mahinthara Yutthaya Mahadilok Phop Noppharat Ratchathani Burirom Udom Ratchaniwet Mahasathan Amonphiman Awatansathit Sakkathattiya Witsanukamprasit.

This roughly translates to:

City of angels, great city of immortals, the magnificent city of the nine gems, seat of the king, city of royal palaces, home of gods incarnates, erected by Vishvakarman at Indra's behest.
4 - False
In Los Cabos connected to Lovers Beach is Divorce Beach, and according to locals it’s where a romantic story of a sailor and a young woman ends. It is said that her father disapproved of his daughter’s relationship with a Japanese man and would not allow her to be with him. The legend is that, as a result she killed herself on the beach. 
5 - True
The Guadeloupe Islands are a slice of France in the Caribbean. It is in the top 5 of the safest islands in the Caribbean. It is 100% ECO FRIENDLY and all about ECO TOURISM preserving the beauty of the islands. The Guadeloupe Islands are not in favor of mass tourism to protect the sites and authenticity of the culture
6 - False
The Museum of Old and New Art - MONA is Australia's largest privately owned museum and it is located in Hobart, Tasmania
7 - False 
The Pitons are two mountainous volcanic plugs, volcanic spires, located in Saint Lucia. Gros Piton is 798.25 m high, and Petit Piton is 743 m high; they are linked by the Piton Mitan ridge. The Pitons are a World Heritage Site and located near the town of Soufrière.
8 - True
Fiji, a country in the South Pacific, is an archipelago of more than 300 islands. It's famed for rugged landscapes, palm-lined beaches and coral reefs with clear lagoons. 
9 - True
ITALY has more than 40 UNESCO World Heritage Sites
10 - True
Stockholm is built on 14 islands and is the cultural, political, and economic capital of Sweden, and a refined metropolis that has something for everyone.

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