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Professional Travel Planning Fee

  • We will jump on a call to discuss your dream vacation, what it will look like and what it will feel like

  • As we work through the planning for your dream vacation we will pay careful attention to your budget ensuring that we are able to book as much as possible inside of your budget range

  • We will communicate with you timely and respectfully

  • We will research destinations, resorts, hotels and all other suppliers for the ones that meet your needs

  • We will only engage suppliers that have earned our trust

  • We will curate and present 2 itineraries that will include all elements of your travel

  • We will review your itinerary with you to ensure your needs have been met

  • We will review all documents, especially the fine print and share any concerns with you

  • We will be available to answer any question you may have leading up to your departure

  • We will add any additional elements to your itinerary

  • We will book the itinerary that you have approved

  • You will receive a perfectly planned itinerary for your vacation

  • You will receive the important and detailed documentation printed [hard copy by mail and electronic copy by email] to take with you and leave behind with loved ones

  • You will receive the benefit of our education via travel, webinars and supplier relationships

  • You will receive direct contact information to take with you [and leave with loved ones]

  • While you are traveling we will provide our 24/7 support to you that is only one text or email away

  • You will receive direct links to monitor important information from local authorities as you travel

Most importantly the gift of time, peace of mind & expertise will be in your corner as you prepare to depart for your next best vacation!

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