Discovering Authentic Aboriginal Experiences

Discover Aboriginal Experiences is a flagship suite of extraordinary Aboriginal Australian experiences, showcasing the world’s oldest living culture through the cornerstones of cultural insight, authenticity and meaningful connection.

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Aboriginal guides across the country offer a real connection to the place and a new way of experiencing it. Every part of Australia is Aboriginal country and every part of that country has a series of stories and experiences that are unique to it.

Discover Aboriginal Experiences is a collective of quality, authentic Aboriginal guided tourism offerings. This collective is part of Tourism Australia’s Signature Experiences of Australia program that packages and promotes Australia’s outstanding tourism products.

Aboriginal guides are warm, welcoming and extremely generous of spirit. They are keen to share their story and give an insight into their culture. They bring the landscape to life allowing visitors to gain a deeper appreciation of Australia.

Nature and Wildlife

View Australia’s distinctive landscapes through different eyes, helping you gain a deeper appreciation of the unspoiled country and its unique wildlife – and enjoy great fishing!

Culinary Experiences

Guided bush tucker walks reveal the surprising fecundity of the Australian landscape, while outback dining, infused with the unique flavours of the Australian bush, offers a deliciously immersive experience. Alternatively, try your hand at traditional hunting.

Active Adventures

You’ll find a wide selection of exhilarating experiences on offer in Australia’s beautiful landscapes, from kayaking, quad-biking and hiking to 4WD adventures.

Art and Museums Explore ancient rock art sites offering profound insights into Dreamtime stories or take part in artist-led workshops in contemporary art practice, helping you understand the fundamental role of art in the transmission of culture.

Immersive Journeys Go off the beaten track and you’ll soon learn that there is not one, but many Aboriginal cultures, each with its own language, belief system and powerful connection to place. On an extended immersive journey, you’ll gain both insight in the world’s oldest living cultures and understanding of Aboriginal spirituality and connection to country.

Coastal and Aquatic

Aboriginal culture is not only connected with the Outback but also with Australia’s spectacular coastal regions. Fish, search for mud crabs, snorkel, kayak and swim in beautiful beaches and aquamarine waterways.

Bush and Outback

The Australian Outback is a wild, ancient place. With an Aboriginal guide, explore working cattle stations, outback gorges, ancient rock art galleries and waterholes, and learn about the bounties a seemingly barren desert can provide.

Urban Culture

Aboriginal culture is alive and well in Australia’s urban centres, with easily accessible walking tours as well as museums, galleries and cultural centres to explore.

Exclusive Accommodation

When you want to immerse yourself fully in Australia’s remarkable and remote landscapes, unique Aboriginal-owned accommodations, including island wilderness retreats, safari tents, architecturally designed huts, make your experience all the more special.

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