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Create unforgettable travel EXPERIENCES with MemorableTimes

MemorableTimes Ocean Cruise

ocean cruises

A great way to sample popular destinations that depart from easily accessible ports of call
  • New sights, culture and food along your journey keep your senses busy every day

  • With Virgin ADULT only vacations you don't have to share your precious down time interacting with children or sift through family oriented events.  

  • Adult only cruises boast newer ships, elevated amenities, exceptional restaurants and a more sophisticated overall experience

  • All services are paid for upon arrival so you can sit back or dive into your vacation immediately!

  • Book your Virgin Voyages Cruise now!!

MemorableTimes Tropical Beach

tropical beach

When you need to lay on a beach, take in the  smell of salt water and feel the sun beaming down on you
  • While the Caribbean and Mexico are familiar locations why not EXPLORE more exotic beaches and resorts in Fiji, Hawaii or even Thailand. The hotels and resorts usually offer more amenities than more common destinations and are surprisingly similar in cost which make the sometimes elevated airfare cost well worth it!

  • Many of these destinations offer the quite popular all-inclusive arrangements, where you pay in full upon arrival and all amenities are included, so  just put your wallet in the safe!  These resorts have really stepped up their game and are offering amazing new foodie experiences that can’t be ignored

  • Enjoy cabanas on the beach for the day and even over the water bungalows for those that wish to sleep over the water!

MemorableTimes Mind Body Welleness

mind/body wellness

Step back, reassess and rejuvenate.  These experiences are so much more than meditation and yoga.
  • Gear an experience that will help you prepare for or determine changes you need to make

  • Self care is often last on your list of priorities, so these experiences focus on giving you what you specifically need, mentally and/or physically to reach the goal you have set

  • Learn how to create new habits that allow you to push yourselves out of your comfort zone to give you the confidence to progress.

  • Your journey to self discovery is unique so activities can span from a quiet mountain walk to ziplining through tree tops.  Why not prove to yourself that you can conquer a fear or embrace a passion that might feel ‘out of the box’ right now but will ultimately empower you to do more than you thought possible in the future

  • Mediation and yoga has shown to be a universal activity that helps your mind and body get ‘back in sync’ so they can be the base or a compliment to these experiences.

MemorableTimes Food & Wine

food & wine

Food and wine nourish the body an expand your global awareness of different cultures and regions
  • Is discovering new cuisine one of the top reasons you consider when choosing a destination to travel to?

  • Do you get excited about exploring different tastes, cooking techniques and especially the local flavors? 

  • Want to learn about wine? Visiting vineyards, talking to wine makers, wine tastings and even food pairings are a great way to learn about  grape varietals in different regions that create the wines you love. 

  • Why not participate in a cooking classes/demos or wine tasting education classes?  These can be so much fun with a group!

  • Don’t forget about the shops that carry glasses, dishes and cookware that you can get to remember your or relive your visit through

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MemorableTimes Solo Travel

solo travel

Don’t let the lack of travel companions stop you from discovering the wonders the world has to offer! 
  • Group travel offers individuals the opportunity to be with others, if they choose and alone when they want to be alone.

  • Some solo travelers are solo by choice and would prefer to enjoy their travel in the safety of a group but then left on their own to enjoy the pleasures of doing exactly what they want when they want to do it.

  • Solo travel offers the opportunity to make acquaintances in a safe environment. When a solo traveler is participating in a managed group travel event the solo traveler knows that a certain level of personal information has been shared with the travel advisor and they can feel safer with socializing with their new “friends”

  • Hosting events (live or virtual) in advance allows the group members to get to know each other, so that by the time the travel takes place they have made friends that they would like to dine with or participate in activities together.

  • These groups will often request travel destinations and are ready to book repeatedly because they know one another and have formed their social groups based upon shared interests. They are eager to travel versus couples who may have other individuals to consider when traveling.

MemorableTimes river cruise

river cruise

Mature and sophisticated travelers looking for a unique upscale visit to less accessible destinations
  • Slow down!  Discover and experience smaller less ‘known’ regions or towns that are not accessible from an ocean cruise, so are ‘less’ touristy.

  • Mature and sophisticated travelers are served by an extremely attentive staff that are dedicated to giving you a more personalized and immersive experience to their regions

  • More discerning travelers enjoy stellar food and wine selection that is tailored to the region you are visiting, served by top notch restaurant staff.

  • There is an extensive daily selection of activities on and off the boat, such as guided and self guided tours of the town, biking, hiking, concerts, museums, food festivals, wine/beer tasting, yoga and so much more

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MemorableTimes Adventure


Adventure means different things to different people especially as you age.  Why not travel with others who share the same passion to enjoy the physical activities you love to do in places you have never seen.
  • Resorts offer activities like snuba, scuba diving, nature walks, hiking, yoga, cycling and boxing and even ziplines, rock climbing walls on property and motorized water sports

  • Many resorts have started including most of the on-property activities in their all inclusive rates.  

  • Several river cruise companies are partnered with in-coutry companies to provide personalized experiences such as cycling, walking and hiking, kayaking and rafting tours to name a few.

  • This arrangement by the cruise line ensures the safety and comfort of their travelers, and protection from being taken advantage of financially or by unknown service providers. 

  • The providers chosen for adventure travel are carefully vetted to ensure appropriate levels of insurance are carried, equipment is safe to use and knowledgeable and experienced guides/instructors are provided.

  • It is so important to be sure you remain active as you age, we will find a way to make it memorable for you!

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“Post Covid” life has changed and in a way improved the way we travel and many hotels/resorts have adjusted their level of service to our benefit.  For example while you might enjoy a dining buffet, they are no longer self-serve,  social distancing is encouraged which is better because we are no longer crowded into public spaces and facilities are cleaned more frequently.

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