Originally a project manager, I reinvented myself 20 years ago, to venture into the wonderful wedding and travel industry. However, I use those same organizational skills every day in managing the travel plans and destination weddings for my clients and their guests. You only have one chance at this and I will anticipate a lot of the unforeseen challenges that can come up for someone who is doing this for the first time. Theoretically, you would be paying me to be your planner but in reality, by the time your wedding takes place, it is likely the amount of money and time I saved you will more than cover my cost.

When we meet, I will ask you the most important questions to help you understand what you really want and I really listen. One of the things I truly pride myself on is making sure every guest has a fabulous experience and planning special accomodations (if needed) to honor the individual needs of elderly or disabled guests and children.

As your wedding planner, I will be involved with your planning as much or as little as you need me. It can be as little as helping you find the right venue and location, to helping you find vendors and then being your liason to vendors and an onsite wedding planner, to being your full service wedding planner throughout the entire process that takes care of every detail. I can even be there the day of the wedding.

Along with the wedding planning as a full service travel agent, I will handle all of the travel and accomodations for you and your guests. In addition, I will think about all of the ways you and your guests can be entertained before and after the wedding. This includes your rehearsal dinner, post wedding day brunch and any group activities or sightseeing.

“I have to say that Shari is the best in this industry. My entire family only uses her for their travels. She is consistent, understanding of your wants and needs and provides with service faster than you even anticipated.” Authentic review from

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