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Welcome to the MemorableTimes LLC travel family


I am Shari and I have been a travel advisor for over 25 years, specializing in finding perfect romantic destinations for weddings and couples vacations.  It has been a fantastic journey discovering and providing my clients with what they refer to as their ‘dream vacations’ and ‘unforgettable experiences’ they will never forget!


Well now I am now ready to move my professional focus to align more with my own personal stage of life which is less about couples romance and more about discovering life changing travel experiences I can share with a mixed bag of travel companions or even SOLO!


The culmination of my personal travel experiences have inspired me to share my most impactful memories with you!  One of my favorite WOW moments was my time first ziplining through the treetops in Costa Rica.  Climbing up that mountain and then so freely zipping through the trees gave me a profound sense that I was in total control of my life and choices-WOW!  That is only one of many experiences I have shared with a variety of travel companions that truly changed my life.   


I clearly see now that as I get older my focus on travel shifting to discovery and rejuvenation,  complimented by comfort and sophistication.  I am in a stage of exploration!  Exploring is more than just vacationing, it is allowing yourself to be inspired when you see, taste or feel something new that touches one of your senses in a profound way that makes it unforgettable.   


I want to challenge myself to be in the moment and have new experiences, with new people, in new places but deeply appreciate a sense of security, safety and comfort during my journey.


If when you read this you think THAT IS ME!  Reach out today to learn how I can help you discover an experience that can become one of your life’s memorable times.

Shari Travel Advisor
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