destination wedding planner

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Are there accommodations for children?
A: Many resorts, but not all, do accommodate children.

2. Are pets permitted?
A: We have learned that some resorts but not all will accommodate a pet.

3. Is it handicapped accessible?
A: Resorts are required to have handicapped accessibility but not on all rooms or floors.

4. Is there any babysitting available?
A: Most resorts that accommodate children do offer babysitting services at a cost.

5. Is my catering for the reception included in the All-Inclusive?
A: According to your choice of resort and the selected wedding package your meal may be included at no additional cost.

6. Are gratuities included?
A: Check with your travel specialist prior to tipping.

7. Will wedding guests’ rooms be in one general area?
A: It is determined by the choice of accommodations for booking that the host has requested.

8. Will Hotel/Resort guests be able to crash the wedding?
A: It is dependent upon the resort selected as well as the location of celebration.

9. Can dietary provisions be accommodated?
A:  Most resorts will accommodate dietary requests preferably with advance notice.

10. If Hotel/Resort is isolated are transportation provisions made for tours?
A: As a professional I have companies that we book your tours with.

11. Is cost of shuttle transportation included?
A: Some resorts may provide you with free shuttle service.

12. Is there available shopping?
A:  Some resorts offer on-site shopping while others offer shuttles to off-site shopping.

13. Are there restricted areas that are for wedding guests’ only?
A: Some resorts offer private events.

14. May guests have overnight guests?
A: All guests must be registered.

15. Are guests permitted to provide their own alcoholic beverages?
A: Guests are generally not permitted to bring alcohol on property.

16. What are the hours for room service?
A: This is resort and room level specific.

17. Is the wedding photographer included in the cost?
A: This would depend upon the resort and the wedding package selected.

18. Is there a charge for phone usage?
A: Resort and distance determine this cost.

19. Is the usage of the Wi Fi an additional fee?
A: This amenity is resort specific.

20. Will I need vaccines for this destination?
A: Your destination of choice will determine this necessity.

21. Will the wedding service be held in a chapel or church?
A: Your choice resorts and their location availability will determine the outcome

22. Can the bridal party ship and store items for the wedding in advance?
A: Most resorts do not provide storage.

23. Is premium brand liquor served?
A: This is resort specific.

24. Does the resort have exchange privileges?
A: This depends upon the resort selected.

25. Day Passes
A: Every resort has their own requirements for attending events on their property.