• Planning

  • Travel Arrangements for Couple and Guests

  • Manage Events Pre/Post Wedding Day

As your Destination Wedding Planner, I consider it my pleasure to fulfill the following duties for you but I do not limit myself if I see a further need.

Identify ideal location for bride, groom and attendees. Often the location that the bride and groom desire is not what they truly need when they learn more about the location.  Or it is not a good fit for perspective guests. This could mean that many desired guests would be unable to attend.

It is also my task to keep you on budget.  I make it a point to give you all the bang your dollars can afford you.  The last thing you want is to have your wedding come off as a cheap experience or looking tacky. Therefore, I keep you within the financial limits we discuss and agree upon.
I also serve as the liaison between you and the on-site planner at your venue. Eliminating any misunderstandings or confusion in the planning process.

I book and manage your guests travel arrangements. Giving them the same reliable person of contact should there be an issue during their travel.

  • Work with Venue Wedding Planner

  • Manage Invitations

  • Menu Planning

  • Vendor Management

​Our Destination Wedding Services

The management and coordination of guests needs will have been taken care of prior to arrival. Your guests will have needs (allergies to foods, diabetic, walkers, etc.) and those needs will have been met. I will handle them for you. This is yet another reason to work with a professional who knows the resort and has contacts within.
I will identify and manage the needs of any additional vendors/suppliers for the wedding (florist, photographer, videographer, etc.).

• Honeymoons
Getting married but not sure of where to go for what you would like to do or you know where you want to go but not sure if they can fulfill your every want? Any number of causes are reason enough for a Specialist in Honeymoons. Thankfully you have found one who caters to her clients wants while following their budget agreement
• Romantic Proposals
Not just some ordinary girl! You want to give her a ‘romantic proposal’. Give her one she will never forget. MemorableTimes will sit with you and make certain that you ascertain her desired romantic location. With this special information, we will plan the perfect location, event, privacy or party based upon your previously discussed desires. No thought is too big or too small. Just let us know and we will handle the rest.
• Vow Renewals
You two still feel like it was just yesterday when the two of you came down that aisle. Want to share all your love with your family and friends?  What a beautiful time to contact us and be certain that your ‘Vow Renewals’ go off without a single hick-up. Whether it will be local or out of state, have five (5) guests or fifty (50), you will be able to count on us to arrange every detail.
• Romance Travel
It is time for a romantic getaway but where do you start, how do you make certain all will be as planned and what if something goes wrong? Oh, that could ruin the whole trip attempting to sort it all out. There you have but a few real reasons to use a professional such as MemorableTimes. Not only do I handle your arrangements but if there is an unforeseen problem you do not have to spoil your trip by sorting things out you simply call me. I have the means and connections to take care of things and in far less time than you could or would manage.

We are here for our clientele and happy to serve you.

• Babymoons
Just found out you two are expecting? What a time to celebrate the expectation of the new addition to the family. Maybe it will be your first and you want some romantic alone time before the marriage takes on a whole new dimension. Whatever the reason we can arrange a wonderful romantic time. Getaway before you have any new life changes. We will get you set up in a cabana, suite, private villa, etc. We will arrange your activities as desired. We can arrange an announcement party with guests and handle their travel and stay as well. Whatever and however you would like this special time, your wish would be our command.
• General Travel
 Not to be left out or shunned is the general traveler. You may be on your annual getaway, saved up for a lifetime vacation, want to get away for a change or whatever the reason being, you matter to us as well. We will see to it that you have as much vacation for your dollar as possible and that it meets all the expressed desires. Whether you and the girls are getting away or it is a family vacation does not matter you will be treated with the same courtesy, respect and dedication that all my clientele receive. MemorableTimes does not discriminate by size of party or destination every single client matters to us.
• Cruises
We welcome the opportunity to arrange your ‘wedding cruise’. We can handle it from start, all the travel arrangements to get everyone at the dock, right through to bookings on the ship, shore excursions and everything between as well as after. There is no aspect of your ‘wedding cruise’ that MemorableTimes will not be able to handle including which cruise ship best suits your desires and budget and what destination would be best suited to your desires and families’ needs. These last points are important to discuss and consider when planning your cruise. You would not want to leave out guests that are important to you due to a choice that could have been avoided through better planning and discussions with a Certified Destination Wedding Planner such as myself.

A ‘family cruise’ can encompass many meanings: Mom, Dad and Children; Mom, Dad, Grandpa and Children; A Family Reunion; etc. So, you see a ‘family cruise’ is to each family an individualistic thing for which we at MemorableTimes are quite prepared to take on and make certain that a memorable time is had by one and all. This assurance comes by giving you our dedication, time, professionalism and more. You can be certain you will go on the correct cruise for your family.                 

‘Group cruises’ can be arranged for friends, businesses, large or small numbers it need not matter the reason. Destinations and ships can be discussed based on the group. Of course, travel arrangements to and from the dock as well as any rental car/van requirements for ports of destination can be arranged (This can be incorporated into any of our other services above, as well).  

How about a ‘romantic river cruise’ for two (2) riding upon a Gondola with just you, your significant other and the gondolier. Slowly he maneuvers the Gondola through the calm river as he stands guiding the long pole. You get to take in the views of, let us say Amsterdam. He docks you for some riparian delights that you have prepared in a basket with wine and two glasses. Afterwards, you decide to stroll along a lovely cobblestone walk which carries you through many late evening shops. When you return by sun’s setting your gondolier awaits you. Now by the moonlight he sings a melodic tune to which you both enjoy and steal many kisses.

Romance can come true when assisted by the correct Travel Planner and two desirable parties.​Type your paragraph here.

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