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Call today to start your 15-minute consultation with a knowledgeable travel expert! Customer satisfaction and professional insight are essential to everything we do at MemorableTimes. 

What is the value in a travel agent

Why do you need a travel agent?

Scenario: Couple A chooses to use the internet and their flight was cancelled. Hotels are all booked up and they have already turned over their luggage. All that they can do is to look at each other, go find a seat (if possible) or sit on the floor with the many other disgruntled people.
Couple B’s husband with his new wife was on the same flight as couple A but used a travel consultant for their travel plans.   Therefore,  they only had to contact their consultant.   Everything was handled in no time at all.  They were smiling and on their way to their destination.

Here you have a realistic scenario of internet versus travel agent. Hotels always have rooms available for emergencies and special people. If you have a good agent they can either get you a room or take care of rearranging a flight out. All of which the average person may not be able to handle when a flight cancels and far too many are trying to handle the same thing. You can believe the top agents will get top priority and the internet, well, it can do you no good now. 

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Provide every client with the same level of service that I would expect from my suppliers. 

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As specialist in destination weddings, we are here to put your worries at ease. We offer stress-free destination wedding planning so that you just have to focus on your big day.

Travel Services

A travel agent worth its merit saves you time and money by knowing the resorts and having contacts; Most travel agents have taken Familiarization Tours (FAM’s) giving them firsthand knowledge and experience of the resort or hotel; In the event of a problem you have a ‘real’ person to handle the problem on your behalf; We are also able to grow relationships with the larger resorts and hotels ‘Business Development Managers’. These relationships allow us to gain perks that we can pass onto you our clients; Attending various training events, FAM’s, webinars and meetings with other agents helps me to stay on top of the latest industry information for you.
You and your bridal party are a priority here at MemorableTimes. As the owner, I have made it a promise and a commitment to you that my company will not do more than two (2) weddings per month.
It is our desire to be certain that every bride and her party does not feel as though she was slighted on this most special of occasions or just pushed through as a big business process and does feel how extraordinary she is.
Ladies and gentlemen, we would like you to know that all it takes is one (1) e-mail, phone call or letter if you so desire but what must be done is for you to reach-out and contact us. MemorableTimes will get back to you right away and begin to show you that you matter from
the first point of contact.  We are dedicated to you our clients. Remember now, if you desire to have your needs and expectations fulfilled, we are here for you. For a memorable time, contact MemorableTimes, LLC @ (407)964-1065.